Hope-Dreams Art
$75.00 - $200.00

Custom commission - Pet portrait

Custom commission - Pet portrait
Sold out

If sold out, you can get on the waitlist by filling out this form - I will email you when I have availability:

I only will offer a select handful of these at a time to allow for a quicker turnaround time. I will paint up to three pet faces per order (each face on its own canvas panel).

Each canvas panel will measure 8X10

I can customize the portrait too as either a normal, no frills version or give it embellishments, like your favorite super hero or add in a toy etc. Get in touch with me first to see if it's possible!

It could take me up to three weeks to complete the paintings. Upon completion, I'll send you a photo of the work before I send to you. I usually wait about four days (or more, depending on humidity) after completion to ship. This ensures the paint is fully dry and will not get damaged during shipping.