Hope-Dreams Art

Hope Grows linocut

Hope Grows linocut

A printed to order linocut print 5X7 on brown kraft card stock. Will come with envelope if you want to spread hope to someone. Can be mailed though USPS with a regular postage stamp.

Because this is a hand-printed item, it may vary slightly from the photograph.

More about the print:

Thistles often represent resilience and bravery. Hope is both of those things. Most gardeners will tell you, where one thistle blooms, dozens more will appear. They are hardy. They are contagious. They also are protective, covered in barbs. Wear your hope like armor.

Thyme sprigs represent courage. But, herbalists also use thyme as a healing remedy on wounds and for illness. Thyme is a small, delicate little herb that flourishes in the poorest soil.

And the letters themselves aren’t loopy and embellished because hope is rugged. It is gritty. But it is at the very core of resilience, courage, and healing.