Hope-Dreams Art
$29.00 - $204.00

Custom pet portrait stickers or cards

Custom pet portrait stickers or cards

Send me a zillion photos of your pet. Get either a pack of stickers or cards! (Stickers must be ordered in quantities of 10)

Drawing fee is $25 for cards and $30 for stickers - I will allow a maximum of two revisions.

The rest of the cost is purchase price of stickers and cards.

Stickers will be printed on 3" vinyl waterproof stickers in full color they will ship from Stickermule.

Cards will be printed in grayscale on 60lb cardstock. Cards will be about 4.25"x 5.5" - they are hand cut and hand folded, so allow some very teeny tiny variations. But they will come with envelopes!

And if you can't choose - I have bundle packs available of both!

The finished art can say whatever you want! Or if you need help with a pun or joke, let me know.